The last weeks
Published on: April 16, 2004

Within the last weeks the after-slashdot-effect happened. Being cited on several pages is cool. Especially cool was that the Wall Street Journal columnist Jeremy Wagstaff did an article on “The Dangers of Snarf” in his blog. What happened next is, that Jeremy did an article on bluesnarfing and other bluetooth things that has been published in the US Wallstreet Journal (thanks to Bruce Bagnoli for scanning and sending me this paper snippet and thanks to Joel Spitzer for mailing me a printed copy of the WSJ) and in the
Wall Street Journal Europe

Yesterday, Adam Laurie fom A.L. Digital Ltd. was visiting Salzburg with his family. We had lunch together and decided to do some more things together.

Also for easter I got myself a Nokia 6600 with the MIDP 2.0 API and the Bluetooth API implemented. A proof-of-concept application is on its way… Just debugging is hard when the emulator does not know about the bluetooth API. But I will work on it :).

Stay tuned.