Story on FutureZone
Published on: March 31, 2004

Yesterday, Guntram Geser returned me a corrected version of the ‘Bluesnarfing @ CeBIT 2004’-report. This report evaluates a field trial that has been done at the CeBIT Information Technology Fair in Hannover, Germany.

Also yesterday, this report got linked from a story published at which is Austria’s most famous IT news portal.

All-in-all it turned out that the load-balancing was not necessary, since only a few readers were interested in the report itself. But maybe the load-balancing is paying off in near future.

Thanks to:
CS & SC at the University of Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg University for Applied Sciences and Technologies
mad’s mad realm
Isi’s inode homespace
for the donation of webspace that made the distributed hosting of the ‘Bluesnarfing @ CeBIT 2004’-report possible.