Saint Petersburg (2)
Published on: November 9, 2003

Today, we did mainly sightseeing in Saint Petersburg.
For this reason, we had a personal city-guide. Swetlana our nice russian tour-guide first went with us to the Russian Museum.
After seeing this impressive art-collection, we went to see the Church on Spilled Blood, which was built for memorial of the murder of Alexander Nevsky. In this church, the part of the pavement, where Alexander Nevsky was killed on is kept. The church itself is a monument of wealth and garishness.

Before proceeding with the cultural program, we went to eat some veal shashlik, which was prepared for us over open fire.

After enjoying this russian specialty, we visited the Hermitage. About three million astonishing exhibits are presented in more than 300 different rooms, there. For seriously visiting the Hermitage, an interested tourist should at least plan several days :). We did the quick tour, which took us about four hours…

To round up todays tour, we visited the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, which is also impressing by size and precious interior.

Since it was Saturday and we wanted to enjoy the russian way of life, we went out into a bar and drank vodka and beer. This was not a good idea, though. I hardly remembered how I got home this night ;)