Project Page for Blooover
Published on: September 19, 2004

Blooover is the MIDP application I wrote about in the “Further Work” section of the BlueBug CeBit field-trial report. This has also been the reason why I bought myself a Nokia 6600 phone that runs J2ME MIDP 2.0 with an implementation of the JSR-82 Bluetooth API. The Nokia is not vulnerable to any known bluetooth attack (by now) but crashes every now and then (also without having to touch it :). Recently, I downloaded a copy of the J2ME Wireless Toolkit Version 2.2 that is capable of providing access to emulated bluetooth devices. This makes debugging a little easier. But what really is annoying, is that the WTK 2.2 only runs on Windoze by now. Hopefully, there will be a version available for Linux operating systems as well. Cannot be soon enough :)