One Night in London
Published on: December 3, 2003

Coming back from Geneva, I spent one night in London. This was just in order to take advantage of the strange flight-route I decided to use.

In London, Reinhold Kloos (a friend from AgentCities) volunteered to show me around in London. Because of my short stay in London, Reinhold tried to show me as much of the interesting sights as possible. Almost at midnight, I finally got to The Generator. The Generator is a backpacker’s hostel that offers really affordable bed & breakfast. One night in a mixed dorm with 14 beds was 10 GBP (which is about 14 EUR). In the hostel, they had a bar, which was quite busy (for Monday night!).

The next day, I did some sightseeing by myself and revisited some of the places from the night before. I took some really typical tourist-pictures and hurried to meet Reinhold at the Liverpoolstreet train-station at 11:30 am.
We did some more walking around and finally had a cup of coffee.

All the talking in that coffee-place made me almost miss my plane back to Salzburg. I was really lucky to catch a really crowded Stansted-Express, that took me to the airport 10 mins before the deadline for the check-in.

On my way to the gate, I grabbed a sandwich from Pret-a-manger which I really liked. Finally I boarded the plane in time and flew back to Salzburg.