Nokia 6600 firmware update
Published on: October 8, 2004

After a lot of training for the next year’s “Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships” during the debugging of the Blooover application, I finally decided to get the firmware on my Nokia 6600 upgraded. Unlike to what happened to Jeremy I was asked if I wanted to have my data backupped. This would have been at an extra charge of 15 Euro. But I was told that this wasn’t necessary so I didn’t do it and my data was still on there afterwards.

After the phone has been upgraded to the most recent firmware version 5.27.0 a very annoying error in the connection handling in the J2ME environment fortunately disappeared (I got a SymbianOS error -6004 (PagingTimeout) instantaneously when connecting to a device) . It also turned out that it does not work with this version of the MIDP 2.0 implementation to open and close the InputStream and OutputStream of a StreamConnection more than once. The second time it is tried on a connected StreamConnection this throws a NullPointerException, whereas it works well with the Rococo Bluetooth Development Kit from Impronto that enables access of the operating system’s Bluetooth HCI from Java applications.