Low-Budeget Traveling
Published on: December 1, 2003

The last weekend (plus some days before and after) I was traveling from Salzburg/Austria to Geneva/Switzerland by means of low-budget flights.
The RyanAir flight was by far the cheapest flight I ever booked. A round-trip flight from Salzburg to London Stansted was 2 Eurocents (plus taxes… 40 Euro). From London Stansted I had to transfer to London Luton. This transfer takes about 90 minutes. From Luton easyjet flies to Geneva for about 80 Euros (round-trip). Too bad that the Ryanair flight from Salzburg was 4 hours late. So I had a stressy time trying to get on a later flight to Geneva. But in the end, easyjet was very obliging and took me on the later flight without additional expenses.

After finally arriving in Geneva my friend Michiko was picking me up from the airport.

On Friday, we went to Lausanne, the domicile of the company NetUnion and the International Olympic Committee. After Carsten Buchenau (our “guide” ;) showed us around in Lausanne, we went to see the other people from NetUnion.
In the evening we went to the campus of the EPFL and attended the PolyNight (a student party). We also met Walter Binder there. Unfortunately, we had to leave there really early in order to catch one of the last trains back to Geneva.

The next day we spent in Geneva. There, we were visiting the United Nations Headquarter and the Headquarter of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies which is located close to the UN. We also went to the junction of the rivers Rhone and Arve. The water of the two rivers has two different colors. This makes the junction look very interesting.

On sunday, we went to France in order to ascend Mont Sal�ve with the cable-car. Afterwards, we went to Geneva, again. In the evening, we had a good time at the ice-rink around rue de Mont-Blanc in the center of Geneva.
On monday, I had to be at the airport at 12 o clock in order to catch the plane back to London…