Las Vegas
Published on: August 2, 2004

After bigger troubles getting to Las Vegas (thanks to US Airways) I finally arrived one day later than planned. In the evening I met with Adam in order to prepare for the talk that we were scheduled for the next day in the early morning of July 29th. After solving problems with the demostration hardware, we were ready set for the demontsration we did the next day, where Agent X (one of the defcon goons) helped us with the demonstration of the BlueBug during the presentation.

At BlackHat there were quite a lot of people listening to our talk. But at the defcon convent, about four times as many people attended our presentation there. Unfortunately, the presentation at the defcon did not go so well as the one at BlackHat. This was due to numerous hacking attempts that our demonstration phone (T610) suffered from. So we were not able to do the eavesdropping demonstration.

At BlackHat as well as at DEFCON, Adam and me were talking to quite a lot of press people. Again, we have been on slashdot (and in a lot of news-magazines (including WIRED magazine, Wall Street Journal, you name it) around) with our work.
Anyway. Defcon was a cool experience and a good place to meet people. I hope to be there next year as well.