Basics Festival in Salzburg
Published on: May 11, 2004

After returning from a short trip to the beautiful south of Spain (Malaga, Granada, Antequera, Ronda, Cardiz, Tarifa and Gibraltar) I am finally back to Salzburg in order to carry on with all the work.

Yesterday, I attended a WLAN Session at the Basics Festival which took place for the first time in the interpretive center ARGEKultur in Salzburg. The WLAN workshop was held by Bruno Randolf who originally comes from Salzburg and now lives in Berlin, where he is very active for the initiative. Bruno also contributed very much to the development of the meshcube which is a small water-proof wireless router network component that can be used for the establishment of automatically organizing mesh networks.

On Friday there will be a panel discussion, where also the head of the German hacker association Andy Müller-Maguhn will participate.