Analytics and HbbTV Revisited
Published on: February 24, 2014

In the last blog-post on this blog,  I focussed on the use of Google analytics in HbbTV applications. After almost two months, the situation has changed quite a bit. Compared to the 30 stations in December 2013, now only 12 stations make use of Google analytics as a tracking service. The following table shows whether the respective station makes use of the recommended anonimizeIP:

HbbTV enabled station using Google Analytics Use of anonymizeIp
arte  Yes
kabel eins Österreich No
n-tv  Yes
ProSieben Österreich No
RTL Television  Yes
SAT.1 Österreich  No
VOX  Yes
VOX Schweiz  Yes

It seems as if ProSiebenSat1 and ANIXE don’t want to miss out on the non-anonymized data from Austria, where privacy laws seem to be different from the ones in Germany. I would like to invite everyone to help defining criteria, which are going to be used in HAL in order to block HbbTV applications in the future. In order to take part in the discussion, please become a member of the HbbTVSecurity community on Google Plus. Thank you!