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If you believe that: Data retention is an invasive tool that interferes with the private lives of everyone; Retaining personal data on everyone is an illegal practice in terms of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, as it is disproportionate; Security gained from retention may be illusory, as it is likely that traffic data that is associated to one individual may actually be linked to activity taken by another, or by a process that is unrelated to the activities of that user; ... Read More

29 November 2004

Finally, the trifinite.album is online. The automatically generated album (script by Marginal Hacks) features pictures from 20C3 (Chaos Communication Congress 2003), BlackHat 2004 USA, from DEFCON-12, from the Long-Distance Snarf Experiment in Santa Monica and from the Bluetooone dongle modification project. Every time, there are photos from a specific event where people from the participate, it is planned that some pictures are published on the trifinite.album pages. So make sure you check this location regularily. ... Read More
Last week on my tour through a few sports outfitters, I found something cool. An O’Neill snowboard jacket with an integrated Bluetooth hub. This hub is connected to a flexible keyboard in the jacket’s left arm sleeve. There is also a built-in microphone in the collar. So snowboarders with this piece of wearable electronics are able to listen to mp3-music that is stored on a 128MB card and can take voice calls from the phone that is connected to the hub by a Bluetooth connection. ... Read More
Also within last week Adam, Marcel and me got officially accepted for a 2-hours slot at the 21st CCC (21C3: The Usual Suspects) in the end of this year. This is a yearly event that the german hacker association CCC organizes in the Conference Center next to the famous Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany.

Security Testing @ UPF-15
16 October 2004

After signing a NDA for the 15th Bluetooth SIG UnPlugFest, we are not supposed to disclose details about the UPF-15 event in Frankfurt, Germany. All we can say is that we were testing with quite a lot of Bluetooth-technology manufacturers and that the feedback we got for doing so was very positive.