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Major players in the entertainment industry specified a standard that defines a way for connected Smart TVs to access additional content from the Internet. This so-called HbbTV standard (Hybrid broadcast broadband Television) uses portions of the DVB broadcast stream (DSM-CC) in order to embed references to online resources. As it turned out, many HbbTV-capable devices offer little or no protection against malicious content that is eventually loaded down from the Internet by Smart TVs. ... Read More
A large amount of the TV sets currently available for sale belong to the group of “Connected TVs” or “Smart TVs”. These devices have the capability to access the contents of online media libraries and allow users to access Internet-pages via an integrated web-browser. Mostly for the European market, the available devices have a feature called HbbTV. HbbTV stands for Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV and defines a standard for TV sets to access station-specific online contents. ... Read More
I have just been informed that TOSHIBA published a stable version of the stack. You find it here for download: Go for the latest Version (4.00.36) and your problems should be solved. Special Thanks to Toshiba for letting me know about this.

Del(l)icate Issue
21 June 2006

Earlier this year, members of the discovered an issue with the Toshiba Windows Bluetooth Stack. Strangers can remotely cause a system exception on Windows hosts when they know the address of the internal Bluetooth device of this machine by sending large l2cap echo requests to it (see BlueSmack attack). Toshiba has been informed about this issue in the middle of February 2006 already but didn’t manage to fix the problem. ... Read More

What a March
2 April 2006

During the last month there have been quite a few events. In the beginning of March, there was the BlackHat Europe in Amsterdam. The list of speakers was quite prominent. Before BlackHat started, I also met Dragos who was on holiday together with the organizing team of the EUSecWest that just took place a week before in London. A week later, I was invited to speak at a very small, but very nice event in Coimbra, Portugal. ... Read More