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Saint Petersburg (3)
11 November 2003

The day after, we took the train to Pushkin in order to see the reconstructed Amber Room in the catherine palace. Around this palace also were nice little buildings to see… It is impressing, what the emperors did in order not to get bored. There is even a little village in chinese style. After we came back to St. Petersburg we had dinner in a place, where they unfortunately ran out of the original Russian Bortsch soup that I wanted to try. ... Read More

Saint Petersburg (2)
9 November 2003

Today, we did mainly sightseeing in Saint Petersburg. For this reason, we had a personal city-guide. Swetlana our nice russian tour-guide first went with us to the Russian Museum. After seeing this impressive art-collection, we went to see the Church on Spilled Blood, which was built for memorial of the murder of Alexander Nevsky. In this church, the part of the pavement, where Alexander Nevsky was killed on is kept. The church itself is a monument of wealth and garishness. ... Read More

Saint Petersburg
7 November 2003

On November the 7th 2003, I arrived in Saint Ptersburg coming from Frankfurt Airport. The flight from Frankfurt took about two and a half hour. After being brought to the city of Petersburg, Matthias and me went to see the Peter and Paul Fortress. Within the walls of this fortress, many smaller museums are located. Among these museums, there is also the museum of russian space cosmonautics. From the walls of this fortress, we enjoyed the great view on the center of the city of Saint Petersburg. ... Read More

i2b Event in Salzburg
6 November 2003

Yesterday was the i2b (ideas to business) event that was intended to encourage people with good ideas to become entrepreneurs. Also this event was hosted in the Red-Bull Hangar-7 at the Salzburg Airport. As you remember, there was another event there. (see here) Andreas Meilinger was telling the audience about the role of Salzburg Research as a business consultant and the finding of innovative ideas. All in all this was a nice occasion to meet very interesting people from Salzburg ... Read More
Yesterday, I attended the Salzburg Innovationaward 2003. This event was located at the unique Hangar-7 building which impresses a lot. Every year Salzburg awards the most innovative industry projects of the area. Among the nominees were bigger companies as well as smallest and medium-sized companies. Some of the presented innovations were a special method to smoothen rough surfaces for robust materials like carbon (CarboTech). This technology was used to craft the gliding wings of Felix Baumgartner who traversed the British Channel. ... Read More